Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Conversation with Small Businesses, Laurie Zoock

Laurie Zoock is a consumer credit consultant and consumer credit advocate, and she works diligently with her credit-challenged clients to get them back on track and educate them about their options, including teaching them how to develop positive credit. Zoock also partners with proprietary businesses offering options that help “turn the tables” on Lenders that did not comply with federal laws pursuant to property purchases, often benefitting the property owner. Zoock has appeared on Channel 10 CBS-TV (Tampa) as a featured guest, is a regular guest and co-host on Coach Cook’s Real Estate 1340 am Tan Talk radio, and spoken on News Radio 970 AM Tampa Bay. She regularly speaks to local Realty companies and Real Estate Investors Associations. Zoock has a professional sales and education background and was a NJ public access talk show host dedicated to helping non profits gain exposure. Laurie is also actively engaged as the Public Relations Chairperson for the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League.

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