Friday, February 18, 2011

The Negotiating Experience

I wrote and had published a book titled, How to Legally Steal Your Next Vehicle and Save $1000s, a very powerful and informative book to help consumers purchase vehicles.  I recently took this book to the credit union industry but the title was not very attractive or politically correct to the credit union because of the oxymoron, legally steal
This particular credit union in Tampa, FL with 150K plus members wanted me to write another book to be use as a promotional item for their members.  I completed the task of writing the book.  The new book is titled, The Negotiating Experience, Your Car Deal Your Way!  However, the book needs to professionally proofed and edited, the cover layout needs to be designed, and an initial book order needs to be placed in order for the credit union to give me a purchase order.  I am under a 60-day timeline to get the book completed and to the credit union before they issue a purchase order or forego the deal.  This book will be a staple of the credit union industry while informing customers and members on the benefits of negotiating their own vehicle deals as well as the benefits of financing through credit unions.

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